Grover Brand

The brand built on expertise and integrity.

Grover air horns are built of choice, specially tempered triple spun brass, expertly chromed to automotive specifications and individually hand-crafted, tuned and quality tested in our factory in the USA. Grover Expertly engineered, individually hand build, Grover is the desired brand for your air horn needs.

Exacting detail and precision construction characterise Grover air horns. Highly qualified technicians assemble air horns with care and an uncompromising attention to excellence. The result of 80 years of experience, we are the original.

Grover air horns are on vehicles of all types all around the world. Built on the finest emergency vehicles, big trucks, big equipment, trains, buses, RVs, military vehicles, oil rigs and industrial applications. The Grover brand is unmatched. The result of 80 years of excellence and expertise. Traditional Grover quality, true, rich Grover tone. Look to the Grover line for excellence of craftsmanship, quality and dependability backed by 80 years of excellence.

Built with pride in our factory in the USA since 1936.

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