Marks of Authenticity

Grover air horns are desired on emergency vehicles, trucks, locomotives, big equipment, RVs, buses marine craft and military vehicles. Each Grover air horn and part comes with a promise of quality and performance. Each Grover air horn is marked with the GROVER PRODUCTS COMPANY name, individually hand-crafted, tested and seal certified.

Also, each air horn is packaged in a box with the Grover Products logo.

Finally, there is a certified sticker affixed to each air horn indicating the air horn has been built to the strictest standards, tuned and tested in the Grover factory in the USA. Individually hand-crafted, tuned and tested and now seal certified with a seal including the Grover logo along with an identifier.

Be sure that your Grover air horns are authentic. Genuine Grover air horns have distinguishing marks and features that exist to help ensure that you receive authentic Grover merchandise.

If you believe that you have purchased what you thought to be a Grover and is not please contact

Built with pride in our factory in the USA since 1936.

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